I’ve always had a passion for sound. How it can sculpt the landscape of my emotions, how it allows me to travel in time, and to stop time, and especially how it brings people together.

When I discovered the handpan a few years ago it was something I could only describe as enrapture. I was enamoured by it. When I got round to acquiring one, I wanted to delve deeper. I started practicing sculpting sound from steel. I found it to be a meditation – it was a balancing craft for me as my other profession asked me to be more outward in the world. With building, I could single pointedly focus on a subject.

Building is an artisanal craft. It’s a journey of constant discovery, articulation and adaptation. It teaches you how to problem solve. It teaches you about the delicate balance of tension and architecture to maximise resonance. Every Atlas handpan is handmade and unique with its own character and voice.

The name Atlas derived from my passion (and need!) of travelling. Experiencing a myriad of cultural identities throughout my life has been paramount in making me appreciate the diversity, which is something so special in music culture. Every environment has influenced its own dynamic sound, and for this I’m grateful to be able to incorporate these diverse musical scales into the instruments I craft. For more information about the range of scales I am making, please see the Atlas scales page.

I hope you enjoy perusing the pages of this site and feel the passion and drive that Atlas Handpans derive from.

With love,