1. How can I acquire an Atlas handpan?
There are two ways to acquire an instrument. You can visit the Acquire an Atlas section on the website for instruments that are available now, and you can subscribe to the mailing list for notices on upcoming instruments. I would advise those that would like a handpan to contact me directly through the contact page. I usually ask for a deposit of 50%, and the rest once your instrument is ready. Please note that if it is a special scale request, it cant be refunded. 

2. What scales are available?

A myriad of scales, and the list is growing! You can visit the Atlas Scales page to see ideas for sound models. This list will be added to in time. Feel free to request a custom scale as well as I am very interested in building new scales.

4. How big is an Atlas handpan?

53cm inner diameter, 27 in height.

5. How much does it cost to get an Atlas handpan?

It depends on the number of notes and tonal quality of the instrument. As it is a handmade instrument, the price varies. Please write to me for more information.

6. Do you ship wordwide?


7. Does my instrument come with a bag?

Your Atlas comes with a softcase, however I would recommend to have a strong bag for travel, Hardcase Technologies will take good care of you. Please specify a size M.

8. Do you retune handpans?

Yes, I am currently only retuning instruments that I have made.

9. I have a handpan and would like some guidance on how to get started with playing. Can you recommend something?

Please visit the Getting Started: Playing page on the website.

10. How do I care for my handpan?

Please visit the Caring for your Atlas page.

A note on the reselling of instruments.

A lot of care and hard work has gone into the making of your instrument. In the event that you would like to resell it, I would ask that you honour the price that you received it for. Flipping of instruments for profit is not advised.