Atlas is an artisanal business. All instruments are made by hand, and are limited in number. I work alone, on nitrided, stainless and ember steel. 

Atlas Calypso was born during the lockdown. The world went into a period of deep rest and reflection and it was in this stillness that many of us returned to our self care practices. The result was the creation of more resonant, stable instruments. It felt like magic. The workshop became the Cave of Wonders and every handpan was coming alive with the love and focus dedicated to each of them.

Atlas Calypso

{ At · las } Ἄτλας 

from ancient greek.
bearer of the heavens

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dream a little dream

I craft handmade instruments with love.
Every Atlas has a resonant voice, offering a dynamic canvas for players to share their stories. 




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My journey into discovering scales and transcribing them on the handpan has been an enthralling one -from emulating the traditional major/minor modes to being able to create two scales together. I categorise scales based on the feelings they evoke - my bestselling scale is a C# Kurd - double sided - for lots of growth - with its wide range of possibilities of melancholic, joyful and hopeful melody possibilities. 

I continue to build instruments from my workshop in London, U.K. Please visit the Atlas Scales section for updates on new creations. 

Sound. How it can sculpt the landscape of my emotions, how it allows me to travel in time, and especially how it brings people together.

When I discovered the handpan a few years ago it was something I could only describe as enrapture. When I got round to acquiring one, I wanted to delve deeper. When I built my first instrument,  a nine 9 Romanian Hijaz; I was hooked. 

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handcrafted instruments for storytellers.


There are two ways to acquire an instrument.
You can visit the Scales section on the website for instruments that are available now, and if you would like a bespoke instrument, you can order directly online by placing a deposit. 

Instruments are also available on a rental basis, please contact me for more info. 


How can I acquire an Atlas handpan?

A myriad of scales, and the list is growing! You can visit the Atlas Scales page to see ideas for sound models. This list will be added to in time. Feel free to request a custom scale as well as I am very interested in building new scales.


What scales are available?

The total height from ding to port is 27cm in height, 53cm inner diameter. 
The weight is 4kg. 


What is the weight, size and diameter of an Atlas handpan?

We are currently making handpans from nitrided steel, stainless, and ember steel. 


What material are Atlas handpans made from?

Instruments start at £1300 for an 8 + 1, with £100 for every additional note. Notes lower than A3 are £150 each. Every instrument is shipped with a softcase bag. 

Shipping starts at £100. 


How much does it cost to get an Atlas handpan?

Your Atlas comes with a softcase bag, however a hardcase is also available upon request. 


Does my instrument come with a bag?

Of course! I cherish the meetings I have had with clients, witnessing them play their instruments and feel their feedback in realtime gives that full circle feeling that makes this craft worth it. 


Can I collect my instrument in person?

If you would like your handpan retuned, please send me a message with a video of you playing the scale slowly and I can give you a quote. You can find more info on the Retunings page.


Do you retune handpans?

Please visit the Book a Lesson section of the website. Also, the London Handpan School, powered by Atlas, will include myself as a teacher, along with a variety of other wonderful players in the community! 


I have a handpan and would like some guidance on how to get started with playing. Can you recommend something?

Please visit the Discover More section of the website to find the Care for your Atlas section. 


How do I care for my handpan?