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handcrafted handpans for storytellers


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Every Atlas is a canvas for the exploration of our stories. To create a handpan that is warm in sound, resonant and stable in its nature - this is the foundation.

And oh yes, it is so much more than an instrument. Steel comes from iron and other minerals that occur in nature. The sound of a handpan is akin to this, like water, like rain. 

An instrument that pairs so fluidly with our connection to the natural world, creates a freedom within the player - we embrace the childlike current of curiousity and play, as the healing frequencies of the handpan allow us to  further  ground, release, and explore the wider spectrum of ideas, elements, relationships that nurture our being.

The symbiotic connection with the player and the handpan is a thing of beauty. Learn the foundations of play and technique and music shall become another language for your expression; the language beyond all languages. All handpans are tuned in a certain scale, the scales evoking a different mood.  And from this pairing, a river of stories flow. Sometimes the dams break. We call our spirits back to us through the release of play -  it is music as catharsis. 

Sometimes it's not as lofty as this, but it is always a release - time spent with yourself, a moment for you to arrive, a tool for you to get to know yourself better.

To create the base for which another can more beautifully express a part of themselves is the Why. In the words of Max Ehrmann "For with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

To be a part of sparking creativity, exploration and beauty in a dark world is the greatest blessing, and I'm so grateful to be on this journey. Thank you to all who have supported me.

with love,

Atlas Handpans

Coming in may 2024

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Interested in a three week course, handpan rental incuded?

Weekly classes, with a handpan you can take home for the duration of the course! 

chris, NEW YORK

My handpan arrived today. It looks and sounds beautiful. I’m over the moon excited about it. Thanks for all your time, care and attention to detail you put into it. 


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jenna, germany

Hannah, thank you so much for your beautiful creation. I shall treasure her for a long time to come. 


/  lana grace  /

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