hackney wick,

a canvas for catharsis 

handcrafted handpans for storytellers








our mission

At Atlas, we work hard to create handpans which we deeply believe have a quality to change peoples' lives. While this is only accessible to some due to the economic stature, we would like to extend this circle of giving to causes that we feel moved to contribute to in the world. 

It has been proven that people are happiest when they are serving. We all want to live in a better world - one grounded in kindness, equal opportunity and commiseration. Please stay tuned here partners we are collaborating with to bring part of what you invest, to charity. We would like to give our players the opportunity to collaborate with us to create support networks around the world. For every instrument that we craft we shall donate a contribution to a cause we feel needs attention. We are passionate about being a brand that is creating change for community in the world, as well as the magic of those connected to the handpan. 

Coming soon. 

we are happiest when we serve